Number – 13
Position – D but whatever the captain needs
Favourite Player – Scott Stevens
Favourite Rink – Billingham Forum
Strengths – You won’t skate through me
Weakness – Temper

After a brief spell with the Peterlee Penguins, Matthew or Joe as he gets called, joined the Comets. Joe has had several injuries that have taken him out of the games for years at a time, but he has remained a Comet. Joe has worn his shirt with pride, the length and breadth of the country and met some of the funniest and sickest people on the planet (This is coming from him). Joe will play until either he’s told to leave or his body finally fails him. One regret for Joe is, he wishes he had started playing at a younger age, but in his own words “I am what I am and I do what I do”