About The Comets

The Cleveland Comets are a recreational Ice Hockey Team, that play their home games out of the Billingham Forum.

The Comets have been around for 30 years, and it’s owner, Tony Boynton is 1 of the founder members in setting up recreational Ice Hockey. Tony is also the Chairman of the EIHA Rec Section.

The club currently boasts a roster of over 50 players, ranging from beginer, those that have played at a high level.

Due to having so many players at various skill levels, the Comets are in a position of having an A and B Team, which allows them to ice a competitive team against any level of opposition.

The A Team, Captained by Ex Billingham Bomber Peter Johnson, is a very strong team for recreational level and is the currently Kingston Tournament Champions. They are also the runners up in both Summer Cup and Playoffs for the last 2 years.

The B Team is Captained by Graeme Brown and plays against teams at a beginner to intermediate level. This team focuses more on bringing newer players into the game who want to give it a go. Most games for this team are none checking.